Experimenting with and exploring all mediums and new technologies are part of the artistic process.

My first memory of art making began around 6 years of age when my grandfather and I created interior spaces using cardboard that became houses and barns that would be shelters for humans and animals living on my grandparents farm in rural Iowa.

Spending much time out in nature as a child freely walking in the woods and hills and along the rivers and streams had a lasting influence on how I perceived the nuances of color, light, texture and the subtle changes that occur during the passage of the days and seasons.

For me, the artistic process does not stop at the canvas, film, paper, or stone but continues in ALL aspects of ones life.  The artistic process includes creating the aesthetics in ones shelter along with the excellence of perfecting a sport to the highest level of personal achievement.  Mastering the correct form in physical engagement is as primary an importance as correctly holding the brush at the right angle and pressure in East Asian Calligraphy.

Awareness of the nuances of light and the passage of time are of a primary concern in my process as an artist along with the classical considerations of line, form, and color.